Gear Reviews

Ay-Up Lights
The lights that will change your attitude to running at night.

Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System
Review coming soon, but an essential addition to any trail runner's back back 

Fusion Compression running shorts
Bringing the best from the world of elite triathletes to everyday runners.

The North Face Enduro 13
Endurance racing, 3 hour training run, need more than just a bit of water...this is a great quality piece of kit.

Paleo Hero Snacks
Tasty, Nutritional snacks, and they're Paleo!

Dune Race Pack from Source Outdoor
Light, Comfortable and Fast!

Simple Hydration Water Bottles
Innovative new water bottles that don't require a specialist bottle belt, but equally well work as a hand held bottle.

LineBreak Compression Gear
Text and video review of durable, inexpensive, 
but most importantly performance and recovery enhancing running gear.

Hoka One One Mafate Trail Shoes
The innovative and springy trail running shoes that have shaken up
the trail shoe market. These are the first of their designs, and despite their appearance, surprisingly effective.

Skins A400 compression shorts
Field test of the well know compression brand running shorts

Petzl e+Lite and Petzl Tikka XP2
Comparison of these two head torches and their suitability for trail running

Drymax Trail Socks
The importance of proper socks for Ultramarathons, with a review of the Drymax brand socks

2Toms Sport Shield and Blister Shield
Review and experience of this fantastic product putting an end to chaffing and blisters in Ultramarathon running

Selection of Running Apps for your smartphone
A review of a number of running apps which can only enhance your ultramarathon training!

Elevate Me! Nutritional bars
Review of the tasty snacks as part of a more general article on race nutrition

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