Friday, October 8, 2010

Dean Karnazes, Karno, Ultramarathonman, call him what you will...

For those of us in the ultra running community there are those that love Dean Karnazes, and those that aren't so keen, seeing him as profiteering out of our beloved sport.

Whatever your position I came across a video clip which you may find interesting. It's starts a little slow but has some interesting points about his physiology and biomechanics.

And ladies, if you're not that interested in the science you can at least get a good look at his calves and thighs!

Happy running,


  1. Andy: Entertaining videos. Here's my problem with Dean: He makes it seem like he's the only guy who can do this. What about Yiannis Kouros, who holds the World Records for 24 and 48 hours? Hell, what about Pheidippides? They make it seem like Dean is the only person who's ever run across Death Valley. Many have done it, including two guys who did it out and bank for a total of 300 miles. Look at what Marshall Ulrich has done. There have been many great displays of human endurance, and Dean is pretty impressive with his endurance, but the fact that he's made out to be some super human when you also have people like Yiannis, Scott Jurek, and a few others is really almost dishonest. it's no wonder he's so disliked.


  2. Hi Wyatt, I quite agree, he's by no means the greatest ultrarunner, or some "super human" as suggested in the show (clearly tailored for the mass public appeal).

    There are many other similar and better runners out there, and I think as popularity in the sport increases, there will be more incredible endurance athletes making the headlines.

    I have met Karnazes on one occasion. I have to be honest he is a genuinely nice guy, and very humble when taking about his running. I think there are two things that let him down, firstly he allows himself to be used in any way for marketing (I appreciate his reasoning, it's his job and he is promoting his foundation to get kids outside and exercising). Secondly he doesn't take the opportunity to promote the achievements of the other great ultrarunners past and present, who also consider themselves just ordinary guys as he does himself.

    Thanks for reading, I find your blog ( always informative and balanced.


  3. But on the other hand Dean is the guy who has bought ultrarunning to the consciousness of the uneducated and if it generates more sponsorship and hence events in more countries then that has got to be a good thing.

  4. Agreed Konrad, There is no doubt that he is responsible in the most part for the massive growth of interest and awareness of our sport which can only be a good thing.

    I posted on this topic ( where I didn't cite him as a causative factor, but certainly deserves some credit for it.

    What I love about all the higher profile Ultra runners is that they all claim to be "ordinary folk" and I find that really inspiring. Perhaps it's because there are no heavily sponsored ultrarunners that we can related to them more than the Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan's of the world.