Monday, June 21, 2010

Ultra Marathon Running - Born to run...on trails

I've been taking a short break from training because other matters have had a priority in my life of late, but did manage to get out for a run this morning.
Given that I have not had the opportunity to do much of late, I wanted to make this a worthwhile run so I chose to do my favourite hill and trail session back to back. Double the fun!

As usual I spent the first hour clearing my head of the usual garbage of everyday life, before relaxing into a comfortable rhythm and enjoyed the surroundings. I was concentrating on my running form, and really feeling the trail beneath my feet.  I was reminded of the underlying message of the inspiring and thought provoking book "Born to Run", that this is what we are meant to do. For me running on the trails is the purest expression of this.

Tomorrow, I am going to discuss the arguments of road running versus trail running, where I'll try an put forward an unbiased overview of both disciplines, and highlight what the road marathon runner can learn from the trail ultramarathon runner and vice versa.

It will be no surprise that I side with the trails over the tracks. I will be encouraging all those folk who only run on the roads for fear of rolling an ankle to get their shiny clean trainers muddy and see how it feels to run on the wild side!

Today's session:
Until then, Happy Running


"It is important to give it all you have while you have the chance"


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